We offer you two options to choose from, pick the one that best suits your needs. For more information about 2Hive Web Tools and 2Hive Moderation Team click here.

2Hive Web Tools

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Moderate up to 1000 content items per month Moderate up to 60,000 content items per month Moderate up to 200,000 content items per month
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2Hive Moderation Team

Pricing is based on volume of moderation required, providing high-volume customers reduced pricing.

Items moderated per month Price per an item
1 - 1,000 $0.03
1,001 - 60,000 $0.02
60,001 - 200,000 $0.015
200,001 - 500,000 $0.012
More then 500,000 Contact Us

* - video and audio content have special pricing structure. Please Contact Us

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

For example, if you there were 1200 items moderated, then the total cost will be: 1,000 x $0.03 + 200 x $0.02 = $34

How can I pay for your service?

At your request, we will invoice for advance payment using PayPal. If there is more convenient payment method that you prefer, please let us know.

How will I be charged?

If you use 2Hive Web Tools, the fixed rent will be charged once a month according to the chosen rate.

If you use the services of our Moderation Team, the money from your deposit will be charged once a day, according to the amount of the moderated content. Upon reaching zero balance, 2Hive ModTeam service will be disabled.

Do I have to train 2Hive Moderation Team?

No, the only thing you have to do is write the rules which will be followed by our moderators. We will help you make the rules simple and understandable.

Why is the service of 2Hive Moderation Team so cheap?

We use special technology and algorithms for content distribution between the moderators, which significantly increases their productivity and work quality. Moderators can work using mobile and web applications at any time and from anywhere.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.