Integration with 2Hive


2Hive is a Web Based SaaS solution with easy-to-integrate API and SDK. It was designed to work with different types of online content. 2Hive is powered by people and monitored 24/7 providing you content coverage in up to 32 languages.

All requests to 2Hive are performed via HTTP protocol in JSON format. If you have your application coded with PHP then you will find useful PHP SDK in order to perform requests to 2Hive.

All the received data is queued in 2Hive. When the moderation is completed we prepare Moderation Result for your application and send it back.

Any kind of data exchange, such as ‘Send Moderation Request’ and ‘Receive Moderation Result’, is performed within a single HTTP query: you send your Moderation Requests and receive Moderation Results in the corresponding HTTP Response.

Step by step guide

  1. Please register here to obtain your personal API Key.
  2. Choose the plan that best suits your needs. For more information about different plan options and pricing click here.
  3. Choose and define content types that should be moderated, for example, profile pictures/blog posts/user comments etc. Feel free to pick more types.
  4. Set moderation rules for each chosen content type at your Account Page.
  5. Send your content to 2Hive API.
  6. Receive and apply the Moderation Result.

Feel free to contact our Technical Support if you have any questions or need additional information. We will be happy to help you!


REST JSON API is a universal way to integrate your application with 2Hive which supports existing programming languages.

To start integration please read the detailed 2Hive API documentation.


If your project was coded with PHP then please check 2Hive PHP SDK. This will make your experience with 2Hive much easier and faster!

For more information please read 2Hive PHP SDK Documentation.

WordPress Plugin

We have a special plugin for those who use WordPress Website. This will make the integration process even easier. Feel free to download the plugin here.

Drupal Plugin

We are happy to announce that the development of Drupal plugin is in the final phase and will be ready for its usage soon!

And even more to come...

2Hive Team keeps improving its tools to make the service better. Here is a short list of upcoming plugins and SDK tools:

Popular CMS: Bitrix, Magento, Amiro.
SDK: Python, Java, Ruby.


We prepared a list of all technical terms that are used on our website. To understand our conception even better, please follow this link.