Content Moderation Solution.

Client / Supplier

Sends content for moderation. Usually it is a web or mobile application.


Client in 2Hive System.


A person who moderates Content within 2Hive System.


Data to moderate which is sent by client, any kind of UGC. Could be both text and/or image, usually it is a text post, user comment, profile photo, etc.

Content Type

Unique Identificator for a group of Content. Each Content Type has the corresponding Moderation Rule. Each Project has their own Content Types.

Content Context

Additional Content description. Provides more info to Moderators and helps to take a decision.

Content Language

The language the Content is written in. Mostly makes sense for text data.

Moderation Rule

An instruction about how to moderate corresponding Content Type. Created by the Project for the Moderator.
Each Moderation Rule has the Moderation Rule Type - unique identificator - it should correspond to a specific Content Type.

Moderation Rule Type

Moderation Rule unique identificator. Should correspond to a specific Content Type.

Moderation Request

HTTP JSON request to 2Hive API, contains data for moderation (set of Contents).

Moderation Result

An object or set of objects which describe the Moderator's decision about some specific Content.

2Hive API

HTTP interface for sending Moderation Requests and receiving Moderation Results.
Any kind of data exchange is performed with JSON format.

2Hive SDK

A set of tools and utilities for accessing 2Hive API.