Ways of using 2Hive

  1. 2Hive provides you with Web Tools to assist in managing and controlling your own existing Moderation Team in a more efficient manner.
  2. 2Hive provides you a Moderation Team that monitors and corrects any problems with Content Moderation.

Web Based Tools

Improve your online content moderation with our solutions.

  • Manage and control your own existing Moderation Team in a more efficient manner.
  • Our content moderation system is available on your mobile device to allow your moderators flexible access any time anywhere.
  • 2Hive is a SaaS solution providing clear and easy integration with API and SDK tools.

People-powered Moderation

If you don't have your own Content Moderation Department or need help managing your moderation department, then 2Hive is what you are looking for.

  • Our expert team specialize in online content moderation.
  • Our services provide you superior online moderation at a reduced cost than self-performing.
  • Pricing is based on volume of moderation required, providing high-volume customers reduced pricing.
  • Our highly skilled team continuously moderates content non-stop worldwide.
  • Our multi-national team provides you content coverage in up to 32 languages to best suit your needs.
  • Your online content is continuously monitored both manually and automatically for quality assurance.

2Hive covers a variety of online data types

  • Monitors photos and videos
  • Reviews User information
  • Moderates social network comment boards
  • Responds and disciplines to any online content

2Hive will implement our standard protection and also accommodate any additional requirements you may have.